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Gloucestershire Counselling Service

Welcome to the Gloucestershire Counselling Service

A British Association for Counselling And Psychotherapy Accredited Service.

GCS specialises in providing counselling and training counsellors to professional standards. It was established in 1980 to offer affordable, open-ended, in-depth counselling in Gloucestershire. All clients are assessed at the Centre and allocation considered carefully. There are now over 60 part-time counsellors and over 220 people use the counselling service each week. All counselling is regularly supervised on a weekly basis. Experienced senior staff, seminar leaders, tutors and supervisors ensure the high standards of training and practice with which GCS has become associated.

The Gloucestershire Counselling Service is a registered charity (No. 1109904).

Gloucestershire Counselling Service


Who is counselling for?

The GCS provides a counselling service to people living in Gloucestershire. People from all backgrounds and areas of the community may find counselling helpful at particular times in their life.



Why people seek counselling?

People seek help with a very wide range of difficulties. They may be feeling unhappy, anxious, depressed or dissatisfied with the quality of their relationships or they may be confused as to why they react as they do to people or to events. Others may feel unable to cope with the pressures and challenges of life. For some it may be memories from the past, painful events in the present or worries about the future that prevent them enjoying life as they would like.



How counselling can help?

Counselling provides an opportunity to explore problems with someone not involved in your personal life who is trained to listen in a non-directive way and to facilitate the person’s own resources for change and resolution of difficulties. It aims to assist people to understand how past experience and current behaviour may be linked and leads to a more creative self-understanding. It allows space to explore in an individual or couple setting, thoughts and feelings about oneself and relationships with others.

Equality Statement

GCS was founded to provide access to affordable counselling for all members of society within Gloucestershire, regardless of background or circumstances. We recognise that discrimination operates consciously and unconsciously in our society, which means some people have greater access to opportunities than others.

    Our core belief is that all people are treated with dignity and respect and we are creating an organisation where:
  • - Inequalities are challenged
  • - We anticipate and respond positively to, different needs and circumstances


Please see the following link for the full GCS Equality Policy Document – Download Equality Policy Document

British Psychoanalytic Council

GCS specialises in providing counselling and training of counsellors to professional standards. GCS was established in 1980 and has over 60 counsellors offering high quality affordable, counselling to the community of Gloucestershire in venues across the county including Stroud, Gloucester, Cheltenham, Tewkesbury and Cirencester. All our counsellors are supervised and managed within GCS and work within the BACP ethical framework. Some of our counsellors are counsellors in training; they work to the same standards as our qualified counsellors.